Vincent Berg

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A House In Disarray

When the New York City Police Commissioner is compromised by the death of a city councilman, he appoints Detective Emma Rules to investigate, hoping to circumvent a public witch hunt. But what she uncovers implicates the Commissioner. If she solves the crime, she could put him in jail, embarrass the city and make the entire police force the laughingstock of the country. If she doesn't, it’ll make the city and the police look corrupt, and mark her as complicit.

On top of that, unexpected visitors--her brother’s wife and young daughter--invite themselves into her home, upsetting her solitary life, creating family frictions and questioning many of her family assumptions when she has little time to deal with it.

After years of protecting herself emotionally, she's drawn into an unanticipated romance in the midst of her investigation. It threatens to change her life as much as the case itself. Between these whirlwind events, she’s buffeted by social and professional events, as the biggest case of her career threatens to unravel it.

Demonic Issues Box Set
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